Apprentice Program

Our butchery apprentice program is as much a one on one program as a working butcher shop will allow. You get solid one on one lessons with our skilled whole animal butchers, and then you are allowed to use that knowledge to help cut meat for our cases (working with our other employees who are also always happy to guide you as well). This gives you the opportunity to use the knowledge you have learned immediately within a fast-paced, supportive environment. You “practice” on lamb, pork, chicken and beef that we have procured for our retail store and our clients and by the time you are finished with the 6-8 week program you will be able to cut down whole animals into larger quarters and more case-ready/restaurant-ready portions. We will never allow anyone to “graduate” from our program that does not feel confident in their skills. If it takes a bit longer or you need more hands on direction that will be provided for until you can confidently call yourself a butcher. The cost of the program is $7,500.

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