Lamb 101 ($185)

Learn how to butcher a lamb a la Lindy and Grundy! Students will learn about the farm where our lamb is raised, about their diet, and about how the lambs are slaughtered humanely. Students will be given a sneak peak into the special way that Grundy butcher’s a lamb into retail-ready cuts, and will bring home one item of choice that is prepared in the class. Some hands-on roast tying involved.

Class Date: April 13th
Taught by Travis

Going Whole Hog ($900)

If you are looking for a hands-on comprehensive class on pig butchery, this is the class for you!  This is a 5 week class that takes the student through a hands-on experience of breaking down a whole pig.  During class#1 Grundy will demo the breakdown of a ½ hog from top to bottom.  Class #2 will cover the entire pork shoulder, which includes the boston butt and the picnic ham.  Students will learn how to split the shoulder into 2 sections, then learn how to bone it out.  Students will learn the benefits of roast tieing and crosshatching the skin.  Class#3 will bring students through the loin and belly sections.  Students will learn how to cut pork chops, how to remove the spareribs from the belly, and how to make bacon!  During the 4th class, students will learn all about the ham, how to debone it, and the benefits of brining and smoking.  The 5th and final class will offer the students a chance to break down a whole hog together, with Grundy’s assistance.  The students will work together to take apart the pig into case ready cuts.

Class Dates: February 9th, February 16th, February 23rd , March 2nd, March 9th
Taught by Erika.

Beef – Hind-Quarter ($225)

Learn how Lindy and Grundy break down a hind-quarter of beef. Discuss primal cuts, sub-primal cuts, and how each of the cuts are prepared as roasts and steaks! Students will have the opportunity to learn basic roast tying and knife skills, as well as to choose one cut (excluding NY-Strip, Filet, and top-sirloin steaks) of delicious meat to bring home. *This is an informative demo-based class.

Class Date: March 23rd
Taught by Adam

Beef – Fore-Quarter ($225)

Hang out with Lindy and Grundy while they break down a fore-quarter of beef! They will provide meat charts and talk about muscle groups and the best way to prepare each cut. Students will learn about the diet of these animals, and a little bit about the farm on which they are raised. Roast tying, knife-skills, and a cut of your choice (excluding rib-eyes) included in the class. *This is an informative demo-based class.

Class Date: March 16th
Taught by Adam

Poultry 101 ($150)

Learn how to truss a chicken, quarter a chicken and to spatchcock (brick) a chicken, along with some insider tips and pointers on how to cook a pasture-raised heritage breed chicken to perfection! Students will also learn basic knife skills, and will bring home 2 chickens. *This is a hands-on class.

Class Date:February 6th
Taught by Travis

Sausage Making Revealed ($360)

This is a 3 part class which examines the craft of sausage making extensively.  The first class will be sausage making for beginners, as outlined in the class description.  The second class will require the student to find a sausage recipe that he or she would like to try out.  The third class will encourage the student to try their creative culinary hand at creating their very own sausage recipe!

Class Dates: March 30th, April 6th, April 13th
Taught by Erika. Sign up today!

Thanksgiving Turkey Demo ($150)

Learn about the pros and cons of brining your holiday turkey.  Learn the difference between dry brining and wet brining.  Learn how to truss your holiday turkey so it cooks nice and evenly, and most importantly, how to carve your turkey like a real butcher!

Sausage Making (Beginners) ($100)

Learn how to make sausage at Lindy and Grundy! This class is meant to get your hands dirty! The class will choose 2 types of sausages that we prepare at the shop, and will learn step by step procedure on how to make your own at home! Students will learn insider tips on how to grind, how to mix, how to case, and how to twist. It is a truly hands-on class that makes anybody crack up. This class is great for folks of all ages, and can be booked as a fun party.

Apprentice Program

Our butchery apprentice program is as much a one on one program as a working butcher shop will allow. You get solid one on one lesson time with Erika and then you are allowed to use that knowledge to help cut meat for our cases (working with our other employees who are also always happy to guide you as well). This gives you the opportunity to use the knowledge you have learned immediately within a fast-paced, supportive environment. You “practice” on lamb, pork, chicken and beef that we have procured for our retail store and our clients and by the time you are finished with the 6-8 week program you will be able to cut down whole animals into larger quarters and more case-ready/restaurant-ready portions. We will never allow anyone to “graduate” from our program that does not feel confident in their skills. If it takes a bit longer or you need more hands on direction that will be provided for until you can confidently call yourself a butcher. The cost of the program is $7,500.