Special Edition Pork 101 ($275)

Our Special edition Pork 101:Friday June 27th 7:30pm

Join us for a special guest chat with our pig farmer, Lefty Ayers of ReRide Ranch! We’re serving up BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with house coleslaw, potato salad and house pickles too! Come hang with Lindy, Lefty, and Travis while we talk pig farming, and pork butchery! Then step up to the butcher block for a pork breakdown demo with Travis, followed by some hands on pork cutting and roast tying with Lindy and Lefty!

COST: $275/person

Summer Grill Packages

Summer Grill Packages

Sausage Fest!
6 assorted fresh sausages (3 types)
4 8oz patties
4 brioche buns from Bread Lounge

Beef Lovers!
4 sirloin kabobs
2 London Broils or 2 Ranchers
2# Beef n Bacon burger grind (perfect for 1/2lb patties)
4 Brioche Buns

Burger Pack
4 Jalepeno chedder all beef Juicy Lucy’s
4 Beef n Bacon and bleu cheese Juicy Lucy’s
4 plain beef patties
12 Brioche Buns from Bread Lounge

Big Daddy
1 Cowboy Steak
2 Bone in NY Strips
4 Sirloin Medallions
4 Marrow Steak Bombs

Chicken Lovers
4 marinated chicken legs
4 bone in, skin on breasts
16 wings
(available marinated in our house herb rub OR our spicy rub)

Mixed Grill
4 assorted fresh sausges
4 lamb loin chops OR 4 bone in leg of lamb steaks
1 marinated brick chicken (available in our classic, house herbed rub OR spicy rub)
4 sirloin medallions
2 bone in NY strips OR 1 cowboy steak

Dry Aged Beef Lovers
2 of our 3 week dry aged ribeyes cut at an inch and a quarter thick
4 aged sirloin kabobs
2 aged Bone in NY Strip Steaks

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a beautiful Heritage Turkey from Lindy & Grundy!


Finally – the weather is cooling down, there are pumpkins on doorsteps, and the scent of burning fire wood is in the air… its finally starting to feel like fall.   For this year’s thanksgiving provisions, Team Lindy Grundy is planning for some tasty, meaty, sustainable goodness.  As we all start to plan our thanksgiving holiday menu, consider purchasing one of our exquisite heritage breed, pastured turkeys!

It is immensely important to us to give thanks to our community, our farmers, our vendors, and most importantly, our customers and fans, by making sure that our turkeys have been raised humanely and sustainably to fit our standards and your ethos as a consumer.

Please note that we only accept orders via phone (not voicemail), or you can come in person. 


BN Ranch Heritage Breeds - Truly the best turkey available anywhere. As descendants of five distinct, old breeds- Standard Bronze, Narragansett, Bourbon Red, White Holland, and Spanish Black- these are birds with excellent heritage genetics. They produce succulent, exceptionally flavorful meat, and are free roaming and fed all-natural, vegetarian feeds.  (Available weights ranging from 10-12#, 12-16#, 16-20# and 20-25#  $14/lb.

BN Ranch Broad Breasted Birds - These are free roaming and fed all natural, vegetarian feeds. The broad breasted turkey takes much less time to mature and is a good bird for lovers of white meat. It’s raised according to the same careful standards as the heritage breeds.  (Available weights ranging from 12-15#, 15-18#, 18-21#, and 21+#)  $9/lb.

If you opt to have your turkey delivered:

The delivery will cost $20.00 and will happen the mornings of Saturday November 17th and Sunday November 18th between 9am and 5pm. Eastside deliveries will happen on Saturday, and Westside deliveries will happen on Sunday. We will notify you prior to the day of delivery with a more condensed time frame for your delivery. Customers who agree to have their turkey delivered may order other items, and their credit card will be charged the day of the delivery, for the cost of the turkey, any other items, and the $20.00 delivery fee.

 As you all know, our tiny shop can only hold so many turkeys at a time, so we have to utilize off site cold storage to house our turkeys! To avoid long waits in an over crowded shop, we have scheduled the following pick up dates that correspond with the size bird and ranch that you choose.

This allows us to go to our cold storage site to get turkeys for pick up according to the following schedule. For example, if you order a BN Broad Breasted turkey that weighs between 15-18#, your scheduled pick up date is Monday 11/25.

Please also consider having us deliver you bird for $20. We’ll also have a limited amount of Turkey Stock available, as well as whole double breasts and legs (each for $16.99/lb)

BN Broad Breasted 18-20# and 21+#15-18#12-15# 11/24 Sunday11/25 Monday11/26 Tuesday
BN Heritage 20-25#16-20#10-12, 12-16# 11/24 Sunday11/25 Monday11/26 Tuesday

Thanksgiving Offerings from the Lindy&Grundy Kitchen, (all made in house):
Roux (gravy thickener)
Compound Butter-  choose from “Billionaire Butter” (grassfed butter with truffle & porcini),”Marrow Bombs” (grassfed butter with our bone marrow and fresh herbs), or our simple sage and honey butter (grassfed butter with local organic sage and honey)
Chicken Schmaltz
Pork Lard
Butternut Squash Soup
Chicken Wild Rice Soup
Pork Rillette
Whipped Lardo with fresh herbs
Charcuterie: guanciale, pancetta,breseaola
Stocks: Turkey, Duck, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb,Bacon,Bone Broth
Demi Glaze: duck,chicken,beef

Sausages: our house made sausages will be available loose or linked
Portly Pig (our fall/winter port wine reduction sausage with cinnamon,clove,star anise,allspice,nutmeg)
Maple Breakfast
Sweet Italian
Hot Italian
Country Breakfast
Sage and Pork Sausage

Farmer’s Market Produce:
French Fingerlings (for mashing exquisite creamy potatoes)
Russet Potatoes (traditional mashing potatoes)
Pee Wee potatoes (for roasting)
Acorn Squash
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Frog’s Hollow Farms Pears
Yellow Onions
Red Onions
Cippolini Onions
Brussles Spouts

HERBS: Rosemary,Thyme,Tarragon,Parsely,chives,Dill,Sage

Nuts: Walnuts,Pecans,Hazlenuts

Maldon Salt
Hepp’s Salts
Truffle Salts
Frog’s Hollow Farms Chutneys and preserves
Cooking Oils

Services and Other convenient Items for sale:
Knife sharpening will be available from now until November 17th! Simply drop your knives off and pick them up two days later! Base price is $5/knife plus $1 per inch of length.

For Sale:
Trussing twine
Lindy&Grundy’s Custom Brine Kits (includes everything you need to wet brine your Turkey)
Brining Bags
Turkey Basters

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We are SO thankful for your support and your business! 3 years of serving Los Angeles!

(323) 951-0804