The Meat Is The Message
“I am six days away from becoming the mayor of this place,” says Amelia Posada, “but I left my phone at home!” The co-owner of Lindy & Grundy Meats, the long-anticipated butcher shop on Fairfax, is seated next to her wife and business partner, Erika Nakamura, at Italian restaurant Terroni, across…
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Lindy & Grundy’s: A New Butcher Shop Coming to Fairfax
Does Los Angeles need another good butcher shop? Yes. Do we need a butcher shop using locally produced, sustainable meat and run by two women who just finished interning at Fleisher’s and are now en route, driving across country to L.A. after pausing to get married legally in Connecticut?
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Chicks With Knives and Lindy & Grundy (Double) Team Up To Host Butchery 101
Hot off their pickling pop-up and appearance at Artisanal LA, Chicks with Knives are moving on to the world of big-time butchery. This time, the Chicks — aka Rachael Narins and Suzanne Griswold — are pairing with LA’s favorite sustainable butchers “Lindy and Grundy” — aka Amelia Posada and…
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A New Sustainable Butcher in L.A.
In the November issue, our new Trendspotting column touched on the zeitgeist of the macho vegetarian, and writer Julie Powell told us about her experience interning with Josh Applestone, the formerly vegetarian, vegetable-pushing butcher at Fleisher’s Grass-Fed & Organic Meats in Kingston, New York…
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Lindy and Grundy – Two Women Butchers Take L.A. by Storm
I just ate the tastiest roast chicken I have eaten in years, perhaps ever. And I’ve eaten roasted fowl all over the world, from the vaunted Bresse chickens of France to the legendary black-skinned chickens of Hong Kong, even Ethiopian roast chickens (spicy) and Japanese birds marinated in sake…
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Just Your Typical Blood-Spattered, Knife-Wielding, Utterly Charming, Sustainability-Focused, Tweeting Neighborhood Butchers
Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura are better known by the nicknames that grace the awning of their Los Angeles butcher shop, Lindy & Grundy, which opens today. We first spoke while the business–which sells only local…
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Mardi Gras: Chefs Weigh In On Their Most Gluttonous Meals
What and where was your most gluttonous meal experience ever? Do you even remember? Or were you left in a lead-bellied, food-overload haze of bacon grease, donut glaze and salty chocolate crumbs? (Oh wait, that was me.)…
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Good Food
Introducing Lindy and Grundy – Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura are Lindy & Grundy, butchers who are opening a shop on Melrose and Fairfax. Their emphasis will be on sustainable meats.
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The Road to Lindy & Grundy L.A.
So how did the women, who were both vegetarians at one point during their lives, get on the path to running a small business butcher shop?
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Kitchen 411: A Cut Above
There are some things — like matching festive sweaters — the holiday season could do without. A big meal is not one of them. For a lot of us, hosting a feast involves serving meat, which nowadays presents not only the question “What do I serve to satisfy everyone in my family?” but also “How do I do it in an…
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Meet 2 Female Butchers Who Work With A Sustainable Philosophy
Two female butchers with an attitude and a sustainable philosophy are what make an interesting headline. They are living their dreams and are living it up the right way. So let’s meet two female butchers who work with a sustainable philosophy. They are Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura also known as…
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Good Taste: Lindy and Grundy
Oh, wait! There is a butcher shop in LA called Lindy & Grundy, run by Amelia Posada (Lindy) and Erika Nakamura (Grundy), and they’re the cutest married couple. They’re also extremely devoted to providing local, pastured and organic meats to their community.
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The Customer is Always Primeat LA’s Newest Meet Market
When you walk into the newly surfaced Los Angeles butcher shop Lindy & Grundy, you’re likely on a mission for a little brown paper package of, if you so choose, pork tenderloin and perhaps a sausage or two for tomorrow’s breakfast. What you ultimately get, however, is a much more human …

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Boutique Butchering to Inspire: Lindy & Grundy
Lindy & Grundy’s is an old-school butcher shop – sort of. They carry only pastured meats raised on small, local, sustainable farms, and they practice a true nose-to-tall butchering. There are no hormones in the meats they sell and all are sourced within a 150 miles of their LA shop, so that money goes…

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Lindy & Grundy bring organic meats to the masses
Lindy and Grundy’s is an old-fashioned butcher shop that carries only pastured meats from animals raised on small, local, sustainable ranches. These animals have never been given antibiotics or hormones, and have a strictly vegetarian diet. By working in tandem with local ranchers we guarantee…

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Here’s The Beef
The highly anticipated project from Pasadena native Amelia Posada (aka Shop Mama aka Lindy) and Tokyo-born Erika Nakamura (aka Meat Maven aka Grundy) fills a huge gap in the local market – namely, for a sustainable butcher shop…

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Now Open: Lindy & Grundy’s Old Fashioned Butcher Shop
It was a much-anticipated debut that was captured by friends and fans mid-afternoon today at Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura, aka Lindy & Grundy, opened the doors to their butcher shop on Fairfax Avenue.

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We ride for Lindy and Grundy
An inspired and thoughtful butcher has opened up this past week right around the corner from the shop. The proprietors are downright lovely. Their devotion to all things fleshy and delicious is admirable and rare.

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A Cut Above
“When I first saw in her butcher outfit with her scabbard and her chain mail” said Ameila…. 

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New restaurants and food shops are plentiful
Lindy & Grundy Meats is new in West Hollywood. The Fairfax shop features all kinds of meats and poultry along with cheeses, yogurts, fresh spices and herbs…

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Best Butchers In Los Angeles
If you think butchery is a forgotten craft and have resigned yourself to bland meat from your neighborhood mega-market; have hope. These vendors are dedicated to providing quality products and excellent customer service, guiding customers to the exact cuts they’re looking for to ensure satisfying…

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Farm to Table
Lindy & Grundy is the most beautiful butcher shop I have ever seen. It is located within walking distance from my home and has become the only place I go to to buy my meat. My husband Stevie is obsessed with this place ever since our dear friend Todd told us about it. The shop is run by Erika Nakamura…

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Lindy & Grundy Butcherettes Extraordinaire
I’ve been tweeting with @TheFemmeButcher aka Amelia, since last year when she married Erika, and they started their road trip to Los Angeles. They opened Lindy & Grundy, a butcher shop which offers local, pasteurized, and organic meats.

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Be As Cool As Your Butcher
America is in the midst of a boutique butcher-shop craze, and home cooks are starved for the highest quality charcuterie, hard-to-find cuts, and freshly carved meat. Now butchery know-how comes home with pro-style tools and hands-on cooking classes…
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pop • u• LA • tion
Back in January, we published our profile of Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura, the cleaver-wielding butcherettes who have been setting up their sustainable meat store on Fairfax Avenue. Since then the women have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their butcher shop, leaving…
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A sneak peek at Lindy & Grundy, opening Tuesday
Amelia Posada and her wife, Erika Nakamura, better known as Lindy & Grundy might not fit the mold but that didnt stop the two women – short in stature but big in personality – from moving to Los Angeles from New York to open their own sustainable butcher shop on Fairfax in West Hollywood.
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Lindy & Grundy: Female butchers with a sustainable philosophy
To the connected diner, it may seem that Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada arrived in Los Angeles ages ago. The larger-than-life personas behind Lindy & Grundy are practically household names among local foodies, though their butcher shop selling locally sourced, pasture-raised organic meat on…
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Butchers of the World, Unite!
On June 1, people who love meat will have a new way to express their feelings: by joining the Butcher’s Guild, a new trade organization for butchers. The guild was started last month, complete with a mission statement, a crest (a hand, a heart, a steer, a book) and an oath. The founders, Tia Harrison (a chef…
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What We’re Reading
Erika “Grundy” Nakamura and Amelia “Lindy” Posada are readying their knives Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada have apparently set Los Angeles all aTwitter with their soon-to-open sustainable butcher shop. Social networking experience, excellent; butchering experience, an eight-month…
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Lindy & Grundy
Erika “Grundy” Nakamura and Amelia “Lindy” Posada are readying their knives and cleavers to butcher the finest sustainable California meats. Opening up shop in L.A., Lindy & Grundy will peddle locally-sourced charcuterie including Rancho San Julian beef, Reride Ranch pork, Sonoma Direct lamb and…
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Fairfax’s Fancy New Butcher Shop
When you bet, you go all in. When you compete, you go for the gold. When you shop for ’70s-era bomber jackets, you max out the credit card. So you’ll be happy to hear about two female butchers dedicated to completely breaking down whole animals from nose to tail. Welcome to Lindy & Grundy, now…
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Lindy & Grundy Sells Local, Pasteurized Meat Tomorrow
Fire up the grill because as speculated, Lindy & Grundy opens tomorrow! Over the weekend PR sent out the good word, check out this LA Times post for interior photos and shots of co-owners Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura. Patrons can expect nose-to-tail butchering, so if you’re looking for a head…
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801 N. Fairfax Gets A Butcher via Lindy & Grundy’s
That mixed use building on the corner of Fairfax and Waring (801 N. Fairfax) has some fun new additions. The Fat Dog is underway, there’s Coffee Commissary, and next up comes Lindy & Grundy’s, a butcher shop set to open by Thanksgiving. Run by couple Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura, both…
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Say Hello to the New Butcherettes on the Block
Lindy (Amelia Posada) was a die-hard vegetarian who squirmed at the sight of a cheeseburger. Then she met her wife, Grundy (Erika Nakamura), a classically trained chef studying the art of charcuterie…
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Lindy & Grundy Meats Plan Old-School, Yet Sustainable Butcher Shop in December
Among all the heart-warming bottled pies and handmade spreads at Artisanal L.A., Lindy & Grundy reminded everyone it was still Shocktober by butchering a whole pig during a demo. Squid Ink has a couple of Saw-like shots of the surgery that saw the head and haunches separated from the rest of the…
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Where to Break Down a Lamb With Lindy, Grundy, & Chicks With Knives
The cult of butchering continues to gain steam in L.A., as recently evidenced by the contemporary meat surgeons ruling McCall’s Meat & Fish and Salt’s Cure. A chance to catch up with the trend is available as Chicks with Knives…
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Five Los Angeles power couples
Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada are the tweeting team of cleaver-wielding butcherettes behind Lindy & Grundy’s Local Pasturized Meats. The duo met at a drag show in Brooklyn and have been inseparable ever since. They took time from putting the finishing touches on their Fairfax Avenue storefront…
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Women Invade the Macho World of Butchers
The word “butcher” tends to dredge up images of heavyset, mustachioed, middle-aged men–or more recently, heavily tattooed, ironically mustachioed young men. But recently, a growing group of knife- and saw-wielding women has been cutting a wide swath in this male-dominated field. Just last month…
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Incredibly local nose-to-tail butchering
Everyone knows the saying “this is not your father’s Oldsmobile”, which was famous for predicting the future, as it’s technically no one’s Oldsmobile now. For a not-your-father’s-butcher shop worth driving a Buick to, hit up Lindy and Grundy’s….
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Bliżej pracy
Zmiana w podejściu do pracy i produktu jako jej wytworu jest coraz wyraźniejsza. Zarówno konsumenci jak i producenci doceniają proces tworzenia. Ci pierwsi są dziś bardziej wybredni, świadomi i poszukujący….
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Meat Mavens
Los Angeles’ conscientious carnivores finally have a butcher for their sustainably raised meat needs.Lindy & Grundy only opened last week, but buzz about the shop has been building since last summer. L.A. is undeniably smitten with Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada, the wife-and-wife owners
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My Trip To Lindy & Grundy
That little strip on 801 North Fairfax Avenue is bustling with openings this week. Today, Montrose’s Fat Dog restaurant is opening their first Hollywood location, right next door to the Commissary. The gastropub will be serving up hot dogs, burgers, and a slew of cocktail drinks. There will be tables out front in the…

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Ask A Monger: Lindy & Grundy Meats
There’s a new shop in town, and it’s got tongues wagging. Well, beef tongues. And human tongues. Whatever. The point is that a butcher shop just debuted in L.A. and everyone is obsessed with it, including us. And with good reason.

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Red, White, and Beef
If there is a day for the barbecue to shine, it’s the 4th of July. Apple pie may have cornered the market as the all-American namesake, but juicy burgers, brats, and ribs are fierce competitors for a patriotic palate.

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Work is closer
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The Meat and Two Chicks
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Williams-Sonoma The Cook and the Butcher: Enticing Recipes for Everyday Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Veal Dishes, Plus Tips and Tricks from America’s Favorite Butchers
This friendly and accessible cookbook offers over 100 recipes for delicious meals using a wide range of popular beef, pork, lamb, and veal cuts and aims to help the home cook get the most out of meat for dinner. Each chapter begins with quick-cooking cuts and easy methods, like stir-frying, and…
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Primal Cuts: Cooking with America’s Best Butchers
Butchery was nearly a dead art, until a recent renaissance turned progressive meat cutters into culinary cult idols. Inspired by a locally driven, nose-to-tail approach to butchery, this new wave of meat mavens is redefining the way we buy and cook our beef, pork, fowl, and game. The momentum of this…
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Last Call with Carson Daly: COCHON 555 w. Brady Lowe
A spotlight of Couchon 555 on Last Call with Carson Daly featuring Lindy & Grundy.
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