Our story

Amelia Posada was born and raised in Pasadena, CA by her hardworking, chef mother, who specialized in developing menus accommodating food allergies, like gluten intolerance. She moved to Santa Barbara to complete her high school education and found that she had a passion for journalism and floral design. As Amelia began to publish her work, she became more and more interested in the socio-political injustices around her.Amelia gradually became more involved in community outreach programs and eventually moved to Brooklyn, NY to complete her degree in journalism. Amelia and Erika met soon after and developed a romantic relationship revolving around the New York City dining scene. Amelia was still a vegetarian at the time.As Erika pursued her culinary interests, Amelia worked as a floral designer at some of New York City’s finest luxury hotels. Over the years, she became an adventurous eater and, after 14 years of vegetarianism, developed a taste for bacon.Amelia’s curiosity and enthusiasm for the culinary arts eventually led the couple to move to the Hudson Valley for an apprenticeship at Fleisher’s Meats. It was not long after, that Amelia’s eyes were open to the many injustices in the American “industry” of factory farming. As a journalist and an academic, Amelia dug deep into the facts, and saw the value of community education. She is a true activist, and has a special commitment to teaching America how to eat.

Erika Nakamura was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, where she spent her childhood following her mother around the busy kitchen at home. Erika’s mother taught her to be creative and bold in her culinary choices, which allowed Erika to start exploring her love of food at a very young age.Erika moved to New York City with her family at age seventeen to finish high school. She attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. While there, Erika went on a co-op to Tokyo, where she got her first job cooking at her family friend’s Indian restaurant. At Restaurant Bindi, Erika was exposed to a fast-paced, professional kitchen environment and she honed her cooking skills, as well as developed a comprehensive understanding of spices.After college, Erika moved back to New York City and went on to attend The French Culinary Institute.After trailing in many of the top fine dining restaurants in New York, Erika decided the hotline was not for her, so she started working at the meat and fish counter at her neighborhood gourmet grocery. It specialized in local and sustainable products. Soon after, Erika started an apprenticeship at Fleisher’s Grass-Fed & Organic Meats in Kingston, NY and after 2 weeks, she knew she had found her calling. Erika was a natural butcher.¬†After visiting Amelia’s family in Los Angeles one summer, Erika realized there were no sustainable butchers there and she hoped that one day she could bring the art of old world butchering techniques, with sustainable practices, to LA.