Going Whole Hog ($900)

We are offering Going Whole Hog in late august!

If you are looking for a hands-on comprehensive class on pig butchery, this is the class for you!  This is a 5 week class that takes the student through a hands-on experience of breaking down a whole pig.  During class#1 Our butchers will demo the breakdown of a ½ hog from top to bottom.  Class #2 will cover the entire pork shoulder, which includes the boston butt and the picnic ham.  Students will learn how to split the shoulder into 2 sections, then learn how to bone it out.  Students will learn the benefits of roast tieing and crosshatching the skin.  Class#3 will bring students through the loin and belly sections.  Students will learn how to cut pork chops, how to remove the spareribs from the belly, and how to make bacon!  During the 4th class, students will learn all about the ham, how to debone it, and the benefits of brining and smoking.  The 5th and final class will offer the students a chance to break down a whole hog together, with our butcher’s  assistance.  The students will work together to take apart the pig into case ready cuts.


The dates for that class are:
Sunday August 17  6:30-9:30
Sunday Augsut  24 6:30-9:30
Sunday August  31 6:30-9:30
Sunday September 7 6:30-9:30
Sunday September 14 6:30-9:30


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